How could it be you can offend someone without even knowing it. Should we take offense to someone’s emotion about a subject? Is it not important to have your own opinion about what you have seen? Why is it so hard to deal with someone who does not agree with your opinion? I hope someone has an opinion or an answerđź“–



Self love


I have never really understood jealousy. But it occurs everyday-when your peers, family and friends should be happy and proud of you they want nothing more than than to show you up or try to obtain everything you have whether it makes sense or not. Whatever happened to being happy with the person you where and the things god has gifted you. I always think to myself lord I am so happy they have obtained their goals what will you have for me lord….

I, personally am not a jealous person do not feel the need to try and be something I am not nor put others down to lift myself up. I can be brutally honest but that is who I am and anyone could appreciate a little truth, right??

Whiney kids

What to do with a whiney child?

WebMD suggests that a child will whine when not answered or ignored

Try to answer them when they first call for you

Whining can also mean you need to spend more time with them.

Has that usual attention been directed toward something else?

Does this also apply to your husband?

Random thoughts of a mom who has three boys.

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